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    Hi, I’m Heather. Do you need help?



    Self Advocate Net is a safe and accessible on-line information hub created by and for self advocates and families over 14 years ago. Through a partnership with Community Living BC, the site publishes stories from across the province every month to highlight the contributions of people with diverse abilities. If you have an interesting story idea, you can also submit it to the site.


    Inclusive Housing

    CLBC hosted a housing forum in March 2016 with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a framework for inclusive housing for adults with developmental disabilities

    CLBC Commitment

    Community Living British Columbia's Quality Service Commitment establishes a clear and public awareness of the way people with developmental disabilities, Autism and FASD can expect to be treated by CLBC. With the Commitment, CLBC is saying to people we serve that in all we do, we will:

    Respect You
    Listen to You
    Learn from You
    Recognize Your Strengths
    Communicate Openly and Honestly


    Widening Our World (WOW) Awards

    Every year, Community Living BC’s Widening Our World (WOW) Awards celebrate the different ways people are building inclusion across B.C. What do we mean by inclusion? An example might look like people of all abilities doing something together – like being in a classroom, at work, at a community or sporting event, or playing in a band


    CLBC Editorial Board

    The CLBC Editorial Board was created in 2013 to ensure meaningful participation of individuals and families in the on-going work of CLBC. The Editorial Board helps to ensure the perspectives of the people CLBC serves are present in the development of CLBC’s communications, publications and other CLBC related projects and initiatives

    include Me!

    Community Living BC wants to ensure that individuals who access services funded by our organization are living good lives in welcoming communities. We are going around the province and asking people to tell us about their quality of life. We are using a survey called My Life that includes 50 questions in the areas of independence, social participation, and well-being.

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    Growing Older in Community - Aging

    As a result of the de-institutionalization of people into community living environments over 27 years ago, we now have, for the first time, a growing population of individuals with developmental disabilities who are aging in community. Understanding and providing what they need to age with safety and dignity in community is not something we as an organization or a broader community have done before. The richer quality of life offered by community living is resulting in longer lives for many people

    Aging Image

    Community Action Employment Plan

    Many individuals CLBC serves want to work. The Community Action Employment Plan, launched in March 2013, reflects the input and efforts of hundreds of people across British Columbia who are working collaboratively to increase employment for the people CLBC serves.

    CLBC and its partners have set a new three-year goal to have 25 per cent of individuals served by CLBC reporting income, or about 5,000 people.

    CAEP graphic

    10-year Anniversary: A new generation of possibilities

    Community Living BC was established on July 1, 2005. Ten years later, we are marking this milestone by thanking those we serve, their families, our service providers and leaders in the sector and government, as well as dedicated staff, who have contributed to our common vision of good lives in welcoming communities.


    I Can Be Safe Online

    Community Living BC (CLBC) recognizes that individuals with developmental disabilities are a part of the growing community of online users, especially through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and that the Internet can be an unsafe place for people; particularly those who are more vulnerable. With this in mind, CLBC has launched, Canada’s first website dedicated to educating adults with developmental disabilities and their families on how to use the Internet safely.

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    Start with Hi Initiative

    CLBC's “Start with Hi” public awareness initiative helps British Columbians realize that through small but important actions they can play a role in their communities to increase the safety of people with developmental disabilities

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    Community Living BC YouTube Channel

    To serve individuals and families best, CLBC produces a number of educational and inspirational videos. Please visit our YouTube channel to view more.


    Visit CLBC's Online Events Calendar

    The online events calendar shares information about events, workshops, conferences, celebrations and more taking place across B.C. To see events taking place this month and beyond, click the "Read More" button below.

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