Scholarship Fund Details Announced for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

October 12th, 2013

VANCOUVER — Community Living BC (CLBC) and the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) today announced details of a $100,000 scholarship fund to benefit adults with developmental disabilities being served by CLBC across the province. The fund was established as part of CLBC and BCGEU’s collective agreement which was ratified last year.

CLBC Interim CEO Doug Woollard and BCGEU’s CLBC Bargaining Unit Chair Charles Partridge made the announcement as part of Community Living Month celebrations taking place across the province this month.

Starting in January 2014, people being served by CLBC will be eligible to apply for a scholarship to support their personal and professional development. The scope of the Fund has been developed based on survey feedback from self-advocates, families, service providers and CLBC staff.

Based on the survey responses, the $100,000 CLBC/BCGEU Scholarship Fund will be distributed over five years and allocated equally by CLBC’s three regions (North/Interior, Fraser, Vancouver Coastal/Island). A maximum contribution of $2,500/person will be established and funding priorities will focus on:

  • skills training related to securing employment opportunities
  • training courses being offered by accredited BC institutions
  • indirect costs associated with attending post-secondary education and training
  • community recreation activities that promote quality of life and new skills

Applicants will be invited to submit a short form which will be available on-line at the front page of CLBC’s website and in local offices across the province. The first round of successful applicants is expected to be confirmed in spring of 2014.


Minister of Social Development and Social Innovation Don McRae:

“I’d like to acknowledge the work and dedication of the BCGEU members and CLBC. Over the next five years, this $100,000 scholarship fund will create more continued learning and training opportunities for people with developmental disabilities who are eligible for CLBC services.”

Doug Woollard, Interim CLBC CEO: 

“I am pleased that we are able to announce this next important step in the development of this innovative scholarship fund during this year’s community Living Month celebrations. I am even more excited by the fact that the details of the fund we are announcing today have been largely determined by the direct feedback we have received from the people we serve and our front-line staff across BC. We look forward to awarding the first round of scholarships next spring.”

Darryl Walker, BCGEU President: 

“BCGEU represents around 400 workers at CLBC and over 4,000 community living workers supporting adults and youth with developmental disabilities and their families across the province. We welcome the creation of CLBC/BCGEU scholarship fund, and believe that it will help empower self-advocates, families and other individuals supporting adults with developmental disabilities.”

Charles Partridge, BCGEU-CLBC Bargaining Unit Chair: 

“The new scholarship fund is a great opportunity for CLBC-eligible individuals to access financial assistance to pursue post-secondary education, courses and other training. The fund is a direct result of last year’s collective bargaining round between BCGEU and CLBC. On behalf of all the BCGEU members working for CLBC, we are truly honoured to be able to offer this opportunity to the people we serve.”


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