Dream big with a CLBC-BCGEU Scholarship

February 23rd, 2016

ScholarshipbannerApplications are being accepted for CLBC-BCGEU scholarships, with a deadline of March 18.

What would you do with up to $2,500 for personal development or job training?

Would you…

…take driving lessons…

…study photography or art…

…learn to ride a horse or swim?

Could you…

…study nursing or forestry…

…become a camp cook…

…train to do fingernails…

…or flag down traffic on the highway?

Those are some of the things CLBC-eligible self advocates did with their scholarships last year. More than $21,700 was awarded to support them to achieve their goals.

Scholarships can be for any amount, up to a maximum of $2,500. You can apply for:

  • skills training related to securing employment opportunities;
  • training courses being offered by accredited B.C. institutions;
  • indirect costs associated with attending post-secondary education and training; or
  • community recreation activities that promote quality of life and new skills.

Interested? Application forms are available at CLBC local offices, online at www.communitylivingbc.ca/scholarship-application-form, by phoning toll-free to 1-877-660-2522 or by emailing CLBCInfo@gov.bc.ca.

Information on the scholarships is also available at BCGEU’s website at www.bcgeu.ca or at  selfadvocatenet.com.

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