Community Living BC (CLBC) is a provincial crown agency that engages organizations, communities and individuals across British Columbia to create safe, welcoming communities for adults with developmental disabilities. CLBC is mandated under the Community Living Authority Act and reports to the Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction through a Board of Directors. CLBC’s Board of Directors ensures that CLBC complies with government’s financial and other policies and applicable legislation, governs CLBC in a manner consistent with Cabinet’s mandate and policy directions and guides senior management’s implementation of CLBC’s service delivery model.

The Community Living Authority Act requires CLBC’s Board of Directors to have an Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee must be composed of members who receive community living supports or have a strong connection to people who do, and is made up of a single member from each CLBC Community Council. In order to enhance linkages with the Board, two CLBC Board members attend all meetings. The Committee provides information and advice to the CLBC Board to assist with governance and decision making.

To view the Community Living Authority Act, please click here.

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