Who We Are


Community Living BC (CLBC) serves adults with developmental disabilities as well as those with a diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder who meet the eligibility criteria.

In collaboration with our stakeholders, we facilitate and manage a responsive, sustainable network of disability-related services that supplement other supports to assist adults with developmental disabilities to live good lives and be full participants in their communities.

We offer a range of options in the way services and supports are provided to the individuals we serve. The options provide for choices that allow services and supports to be tailored to the circumstances and preferences of each individual.

We take a holistic approach that acknowledges the supports and responsibilities of all stakeholders including individuals, families, service providers and community resources. This collaboration supports individuals to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Lives filled with possibilities in welcoming communities.


The following statements represent the core values we strive to achieve in all that we do:

We are respectful and transparent in our interactions: Having open, honest, transparent and respectful communications that are meaningful and sincere is fundamental to developing strong relationships.

We use an equitable approach that is person-centred, transparent and fair: We build rapport to understand each individual’s unique circumstances so we can tailor services and support options to best fit their situation. Our approach is equitable in that it is fair and reasonable based on the individual’s needs.

We use consistent processes and tools: Consistency across all CLBC offices promotes fairness and equity in how our services and supports are accessed and delivered. Our effective, streamlined and repeatable processes allow for flexibility and can accommodate each person’s unique circumstances.

We adopt proven new methods that align to our goals: We stay current with best practices and will invest in change where it makes sense to do so. We recognize that we cannot be all things to all people, nor do we have the capacity to invest heavily in research and innovation.

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