Shared living is a funded residential option in which an individual who is eligible for CLBC support shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing support. The home is the primary residence of both the individual being supported and the person offering support.

Shared living includes live-in and home sharing support. With live-in support, the individual owns or rents her or his own home, and a provider lives in the home. With home sharing, the individual lives in a home that is owned or rented by the provider.

For an introduction to some of the many ways in which people experience shared living, watch the video Living Our Dreams.

Home Sharing

Home sharing supports adults with developmental disabilities so that they may live as fully and independently as possible. This service is provided primarily through community-based agencies.

As you saw in the video, home sharing may involve close relationships between individuals and home sharing providers. Individuals share not only their physical space, but also their lives. Support needs can vary from around-the-clock seven-days-a-week intensive personal care, to assistance with using community supports or building relationships. The delivery of supports in home sharing is flexible and person-centred.

About Community Living BC

CLBC is a provincial crown agency that supports and funds services for adults with developmental disabilities and their families in BC. CLBC is working to create communities in which eligible adults have more choices about how they live, work, and contribute.

For more information on eligibility, click Information for Families.

CLBC is a recognized leader in supporting adults with developmental disabilities to live good lives in welcoming communities.

In partnership with our stakeholders, CLBC facilitates and manages a responsive and sustainable network of supports and services that assists adults with developmental disabilities to be full participants in their communities.

The services CLBC provides include:

CLBC also helps by:

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How Do I Fit Into the Team?

As a home sharing provider, you are a vital part of the shared living team. How do you fit into the shared living model? Have a look at the following diagram and the items listed for each part.

Community Living BC


You, the Home Sharing Provider


For a more detailed explanation of your role as a home sharing provider, begin Module 1 now.