Natural Supports

Building natural supports in the community helps keep people safe and is part of building personal networks for the people you support. Natural supports include a wide range of people, each of whom plays a different role in the life of the individual you support. The following are examples of natural supports:

  • Clerks at the grocery store
  • Neighbours
  • Family members of the individual’s friends
  • Members of the individual’s place of worship
  • Co-participants of a community group
  • People who see the individual regularly (for example, commuters on the same bus)

Many natural supports are already personal network members or will be in the future. Like other relationships, natural supports add to the depth and meaning of our lives.

Now watch this video.

What natural supports were in place in the story you just heard?

Safeguards are tools that people use to deal with their individual vulnerabilities. The next section will explore safeguards in more detail.