Quality of Life Domains

Individual quality of life is fundamental to the work CLBC does. (This is outlined in our vision and values.) It is important that the Quality of Life framework set the foundation for all of CLBC’s service provisions. For this reason, the framework has been incorporated into your contracts as outcomes. Both agencies and home sharing providers are contractually required to work towards furthering the achievement of these outcomes with the individuals they serve.

Your role is to help the individual who shares your home achieve his or her full potential in the following areas:

Emotional Well-being: Individuals feel safe in their home and community. They have a positive sense of self and trust the people in their lives.

Interpersonal Relations: Individuals have meaningful relationships with family and friends.

Material Well-being: Individuals have the financial resources to do the things that are important to them.

Personal Development: Individuals pursue their interests, have opportunities for personal growth and skill development, and have access to necessary information and support.

Physical Well-being: Individuals are physically healthy and active. They have access to the health care they require.

Self-Determination: Individuals make decisions in their lives about things that matter to them.

Social Inclusion: Individuals participate in community life in roles they and society value.

Rights: Individuals have autonomy and their decisions are respected.

If you would like a reminder of the importance of quality of life for the individual with whom you share your home, you can print off this page.