Standards for Home Sharing

As a home sharing provider, you need to know what is expected of you. Even though you may regard the person you support as a family member, you are a paid contractor. CLBC and BC taxpayers have certain expectations related to the service you provide.

The Standards for Home Sharing are based on information collected from reviews and consultations. The standards incorporate feedback from service provider agencies, contractors, individuals, and families. These standards help ensure that individuals who choose the home sharing option receive consistent and high quality support.

The Standards for Home Sharing:

  • define CLBC’s expectations and processes, and the outcomes of shared living services for the individuals you support;
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of home sharing providers;
  • provide a set of measurements for you and for others to determine if the services you deliver are meeting CLBC’s expectations; and
  • allow those who are responsible for monitoring home sharing arrangements to assess whether contractors are meeting established requirements.
Throughout this course you will explore the home sharing standards. If you find it helpful, you can read the complete list of standards and detailed service outcome expectations now.