Individual Care and Support


standard: The home provides an environment that encourages the physical and emotional health, and well-being of each individual. Medical and dental needs are attended to for each individual and special care needs are met for individuals with physical disabilities.

rationale: Home sharing providers are responsible for providing individuals with the basic requirements of daily living and for ensuring that health care needs and special needs are met with an attitude of respect for the dignity and self-image of each individual.

  • Individuals have doctors, dentists, and other required specialists they see on a regular basis. Changes in health are monitored and medical attention is sought when needed.
  • Specialized protocols such as bathing guidelines are developed. The home sharing provider is aware of techniques for support, such as lifting, positioning, and feeding.
  • Home sharing providers are expected to foster mental and psychiatric health. They should obtain professional support when needed.
  • As a home sharing provider, you are required to support the physical and emotional needs of the individual.

    The following are examples of promising practices:

    • The home sharing provider supports individuals to maintain good personal and oral hygiene. This includes care for health aids such as glasses and dentures. Nutritious diet and exercise are part of the individual’s healthy lifestyle. The individual has appropriate clothing for weather and activities.
    • Jennifer and her family share their home with Stephen, who is 40 years old. Noticing Stephen was gaining weight, Jennifer took him to the doctor for a check-up. There were no health issues causing Stephen’s weight gain. So, with the doctor’s approval, Stephen and Jennifer together planned healthy meals and snacks. They also went on a regular daily walk through their local park to encourage Stephen to lose and then maintain a healthy weight.