successful practice CLBC Standards for Home Sharing Course

Person-Centred Planning


standard: Each individual is supported to develop and accomplish long-term and short-term goals through a personalized planning process. Home sharing providers implement plans, identify progress, and make adjustment to meet changing needs.

rationale: A collaborative approach to planning ensures a person-centred service that has continuity, and is responsive to each individual’s growth and ongoing needs.

The main purpose of person-centred planning is to help individuals identify their goals and dreams. It is therefore important that the individual drives the planning or is involved in the process to the greatest possible degree.

The person-centred plan is a documented plan that is completed or updated annually. It identifies short-term and long-term goals based on the wishes of the individual. The person-centred plan is developed and implemented collaboratively with the individual and his or her support network. This helps ensure that the supports provided are responsive to the individual’s personal growth needs and desires. Adjustments are made regularly to the plan to address changing needs.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • The individuals receive support to articulate their vision for the future.
  • The individuals receive support to clarify their personal interests and choices in various domains, such as work, leisure, home, education, and relationships.
  • The individuals and their support network are assisted in coordinating and organizing resources and supports to make their vision a reality.
  • The individuals are encouraged to involve personal and community networks in their plans for the future.

Both the individuals and important members of their personal network, such as their family, may actively participate in the development of the plan. The home sharing provider is responsible for facilitating the planning process, documenting the plan, implementing the plan, and maintaining records related to the outcome.

Developing life plans and setting goals is the essence of person-centred planning.