Home Atmosphere


standard: Service providers provide a home-like environment that allows individuals to live a personally rewarding life.

rationale: As the home is each individual’s place of residence, it should feel like home to him/her.

Individuals in home sharing arrangements need to feel that the home is their home. The standard for Home Atmosphere requires that home sharing providers encourage the individuals they support to feel at ease in the home, and that home sharing providers nurture a comfortable environment. This might look very different for different people.

As a home sharing provider, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you opened up your home in order to be inclusive?
  • Is the individual you support part of the family, if that is the individual’s goal and wish?
  • Does the individual have access to all areas of the home?
  • Do you respect the individual’s wish for privacy?

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • The home sharing provider ensures the house is clean and comfortable, and the yard is safe and accessible.
  • Individuals are allowed free access to household items including food.
  • Individuals are given support to achieve their goals related to the home.
  • Individuals know that the home is their home too, and they are free to have family and friends visit.

When there is a strong home atmosphere, each person receiving support is encouraged to develop a sense of ownership and belonging within the home. They are encouraged to have family and friends over. On special occasions, if individuals would like to entertain family and friends, they are supported in doing that. Individuals have the opportunity to personalize their room with pictures and mementoes of their history and culture.