Community Involvement


standard: Home sharing providers make full and effective use of community resources. Home sharing providers and assistants initiate community contacts that promote community inclusion for all individuals.

rationale: Individuals can develop a sense of belonging in their neighbourhood. If an individual contributes to the community and becomes involved in community activities, he/she will be recognized for his/her contributions.

Individuals should be encouraged to become involved in neighbourhood activities, and to be contributing members of the community. It’s the role of the home sharing provider to foster the individual’s sense of belonging to the community.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • If individuals choose to do so, they are supported in using a variety of the community-based services used by other members of the community.
  • Home sharing providers and assistants support the individual to be involved in the community based on the individual’s preferences and wishes.
  • Individuals develop natural supports by getting to know neighbours and forming relationships with other members of the local community.
  • Home sharing providers and assistants seek and use information and support from community resources.