Communication and Problem Resolution


standard: The home is founded on building meaningful relationships that promote mutual respect, independence and quality of life for persons served. Communication channels are clear and effective ways of preventing problems and resolving individual differences are implemented.

rationale: When a number of individuals live and work together, there are always potential problems. Difficulties can be prevented or resolved through clear, open communication among service providers, assistants, persons served and families. Achieving and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere is crucial to the quality of life of the individuals.

Authentic communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and it is critical to your role as a home sharing provider. It is your responsibility to foster clear, consistent, and open communication with the individual, the family, and the agency or CLBC.

All home sharing providers should take an active role in resolving conflicts or problems as they arise. Being proactive when addressing small issues helps to ensure that the issues do not escalate.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • Methods used to support the individual are positive, and are understood and used consistently by the home sharing provider and assistants.
  • Those providing support encourage the individuals to solve problems for themselves, and to develop assertiveness skills.
  • When individuals demonstrate challenging behaviour that intrudes on their relationships with their home sharing providers, family or friends, problem-solving approaches are developed in consultation with everyone involved. A professional consultant may need to be involved.