Problem Solving Activity

Download the Problem Solving Activity Chart


1) Read the following case study. Keeping the Communication and Problem Resolution standard in mind, plan a strategy of how you would solve the problem. Feel free to fill in any details that aren’t included in the case study, but will help you develop a plan.

2) Type your answers into the Problem Solving Activity Chart, so you can refer to this plan in the future.

Case study

Jack has lived with Betty and Joe for almost 10 years. Jack, who is usually calm and easygoing, has been acting out lately. He has been refusing to eat, throwing things, and yelling for no apparent reason. Betty and Joe tried talking to Jack about why he was upset, but Jack didn’t want to talk about it. They called his family to see if there were any issues during his last visit, but Jack’s family couldn’t think of anything. They asked friends, but nothing came up. Finally, Betty and Joe contacted the grocery store where Jack works. Charlie was recently hired to supervise Jack. When Betty and Joe asked Jack about Charlie, Jack became very agitated and still wouldn’t talk. Betty called the manager of the store and asked that she talk to Charlie to see if an incident had occurred that upset Jack. Charlie couldn’t think of anything.