standard: The home is staffed so as to meet each individual’s needs with an attitude of respect for each individual and an underlying commitment to providing a good quality of life.

rationale: Sufficient levels of qualified assistants provide for personalized service. In addition, the attitudes of assistants

The word “staffing” in this standard refers to the home sharing provider, assistants, volunteers, and other people involved in supporting the individual such as the spouses and family members of the home sharing provider. “Staffing” is not generally used in a person-centred model such as home sharing. However, it is used in the current version of the Standards for Home Sharing.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • Appropriate levels of support are provided to ensure the individual’s needs are met.
  • Home sharing providers and assistants are familiar with the individual’s goals, needs, and preferences.
  • All those providing respite have hands-on experience working with adults with developmental disabilities.