Training of Assistants


standard: Service providers ensure assistants are familiar with their responsibilities and receive necessary training. Assistants demonstrate suitability for providing good quality service to the individuals.

rationale: Training and expertise must be appropriate to individual needs and enhance consistency and quality of support.

"Assistant" refers to respite workers or volunteers who aid in home sharing. This standard addresses the importance of preparing and training all persons who provide service to the individual. It also addresses the home sharing provider’s role in ensuring this happens.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • Assistants are hired based on their abilities, attitudes, and compatibility with the needs and goals of the individual.
  • Individuals are involved as much as possible in the screening, recruiting, and training of assistants.
  • Assistants understand their role and develop a positive relationship with the individual based on mutual respect, trust, and ethical conduct.
  • Home sharing providers support assistants to develop skills and knowledge through training to meet the individual’s specific health and support needs.