Guidelines and Procedures


standard: The home has guidelines and procedures that meet all requirements of health and safety, fiscal responsibility, individual documentation and record keeping.

rationale: Guidelines provide for consistent service and procedures in the home. A system for recording of each individual’s care requirements guides service provider and assistants in providing quality care.

Guidelines and procedures are in place to measure safety, consistency, and accountability. Any information relevant to supporting the individual you share your home with needs to be documented. If the individual has high support needs, more documentation may be necessary.

The Guidelines and Procedures standard covers many areas. In reviewing this standard, the module will discuss in detail income support and money management for the individual, CLBC policies, and reporting.

The following are examples of promising practices:

  • Information about the individual is current, organized, and easy to locate.
  • Information about the individual’s health, well-being, programs, and supports is documented. Assistants are informed and directed to review the documentation regularly.
  • Emergency information, including a photograph of the individual, is updated regularly and is readily available at the home and in vehicles. This information includes the physical description, medications, critical support needs, and emergency contacts of the individual.
  • Procedures are written clearly. They cover topics that are necessary for the individual, such as administering and managing medication, responding to emergencies, and providing personal care.
  • Procedures are in place to account for the individual's monies and belongings.

Being fiscally responsible on behalf of the individual who needs support in this area is a requirement of the Guidelines and Procedures standard. The next sections will describe the Persons with Disabilities benefit.