Income Support and Persons with Disabilities

Most individuals who live in home sharing arrangements meet the BC Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation’s (SDSI) classification of a person with a disability (PWD). Individuals that meet this classification are eligible for monthly assistance from the provincial government. As a home sharing provider, it is important that you understand the difference between the payments you receive from CLBC and the payments you receive from the individual.

CLBC provides a monthly payment for the support you provide to the individual based on the individual’s disability-related needs. The individual is responsible for making a monthly shelter and support payment. In most cases, this money comes from the individual’s PWD assistance. This information sheet provides answers to some common questions about this policy.

The individual contribution can usually be set up so it is paid directly from SDSI to the home sharing provider. In some situations, the individual receives the full PWD amount directly and is responsible for paying you their monthly individual contribution. In this case, it is up to the home sharing provider to collect payment each month from the individual.

Persons with Disabilities Benefit and Transportation

A Special Transportation Subsidy (STS) is available to recipients of PWD benefits who are unable to use public transportation due to their disability, or who should not use public transportation because doing so would make their disability worse. This subsidy is only available to those who live in an area where the Bus Pass program is offered. An annual bus pass through SDSI costs $45.

When the individual you support turn 65 years old, their shelter and support payment will increase due to the Old Age Security benefit. However, the amount from CLBC will decrease after the individual turns 65, so your overall compensation will remain the same. If the individual receives Old Age Security benefits, it is up to the home sharing provider to collect payment each month from the individual.

Note: Home sharing providers are required to support individuals in completing the forms that are provided by SDSI each month. Individuals must report any monthly income and must note other changes to information requested by SDSI.

More information on PWD supports is available on the SDSI website.