Join a CLBC Community Council

“The Council is a place we can have a voice and be leaders.” - Penny Soderena-Sutton

“The Council is a place we can have a voice and be leaders.”
– Penny Soderena-Sutton

By Penny Soderena-Sutton, Self Advocate Peer Advisor

I live in Prince George where I work as a Self Advocate Peer Advisor for the service provider AiMHi. My job is to support individuals to know and exercise their rights. I help with plain language and I’m available to go to meetings and be an advocate for others.

I am also a member of the North Region CLBC Community Council. A Community Council is a group of families, service providers, self advocates and CLBC staff who meet and share thoughts and ideas on how we can work together to better our communities for everyone. I joined the Council because there was a place open for a self advocate and I had heard from others that it would be good to try. I wanted to see what it was all about.

Right now we are putting together our work plan. We are planning ways to find more people to join our Council. We have plans to travel to Smithers, Fort St. John and Dawson Creek and have some of our meetings out there as well.

It’s important for self advocates to join Community Councils because I think we should know what CLBC is about and have a voice in telling them what is right or wrong. CLBC works with us so we can have a better life in the community. The Council is a place we can have a voice and be leaders.

I encourage other self advocates to learn about their Community Council. Think about becoming a member. Go to the local CLBC office and ask lots of questions. We always need new voices. We work together to build a strong group in the community. It’s important to talk together, share stories, be up front, be a team player, listen to what is said and take action when needed.

 To learn more about CLBC Community Councils, or if you are interested in joining your local council, please contact: 

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