Message from CEO Seonag Macrae: CLBC welcomes a strong voice for self advocates

CLBC CEO Seonag Macrae

CLBC CEO Seonag Macrae

Welcome to this new CLBC newsletter, “Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES.” It’s my pleasure to introduce this refreshed format which, for the first time, was created under the guidance of the CLBC Editorial Board. Made up of self advocates from across the province, as well as family members, the Editorial Board strengthens the voices and perspectives of the people CLBC serves in our communications. In addition to the Editorial Board’s valuable work in developing this newsletter, they have also helped on a range of other key initiatives including providing input into the CLBC Quality Service Commitment, creating content for the website and expanding the use of plain language in written materials.

It is important to support a stronger voice for self advocates. I hope this new newsletter, which conveys issues important to self advocates, will be read by their friends, neighbours and employers, and all of us who seek to build strong and vibrant communities.

This July 1 was CLBC’s 10th anniversary. As we honour the grass-roots movement of self advocates and families who helped establish CLBC in 2005, we remain committed to our ongoing vision of creating good lives in welcoming communities for the people we serve. Learn more about CLBC’s 10th Anniversary celebrations here.

This summer will also mark my first year in the role of CLBC Chief Executive Officer (CEO). I’m proud of the ongoing work being done with the input of individuals and families to strengthen services.

We look forward to sharing news, key information and success stories through this “Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES” newsletter, as well as our CLBC website and social media channels. Thank you for reading!


Seonag Macrae
CEO, Community Living BC

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