My dream job

Jordyn McGregor (left), with teacher Tina Crookshank, is passionate about her role as an Early Childhood Educator.

Jordyn McGregor (left), with teacher Tina Crookshank, is passionate about her role as an Early Childhood Educator.

By Jordyn McGregor

I am currently working as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE) Assistant in the Kindergarten class at Edgehill School in Powell River, B.C. I was a participant of the Steps to Employment Customized Employment Project in 2009 and started with a Discovery Process to see where my interests and passions were.

My main passion was wanting to work with children, so I connected with Coordinator Lesley Thorsell to look into the possibility of getting an Early Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate. We looked at Northern Lights College for an online program that would have supports for modifications if I needed them with reading and writing. My Mom helped me with understanding some of the reading and Lesley supported me too. Northern Lights College was very accepting of my different learning style.

I passed the course and applied with the Registry to get my ECE Assistant Certificate. We began looking at working at preschools, daycares and in the School District. An awesome opportunity came up at School District #47 when Connie Polman Tuin, the Employment Services Program Manager, discussed with Jay Yule, the Superintendent of Schools, my search for work. I had an interview and was hired for two mornings a week at Edgehill School working in a customized position as an ECE Assistant.

I was very nervous to start working in the classroom but the teacher, Tina Crookshank, was very welcoming and made me feel part of the class.

I began to learn the children’s names and assist them with crafts and tasks that the teacher needed support with. I have great coworkers and really feel appreciated by them. Tina would call me if I was sick, especially when my Mom passed away. She brought me flowers and came to my Mom’s Service. She told the kids I was needing lots of love so they all signed a huge card and put messages on it. The card had lots of hearts on it and I still treasure it! She also took time off work and came to my Personal Plan meeting and stayed the whole time to share how much she enjoyed having me working with her.

I am in my fourth year of working at Edgehill School and am now working three days a week. I have become more confident in my abilities each year. With the positive feedback I get from Tina and my coworkers, I feel like a valued part of the team. I am taking another course to upgrade my certification at our local Northern Lights College so I can continue to live my dream!

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