Running for city council

Justin’s campaign poster during his run for Dawson Creek city council.

Justin’s campaign poster during his run
for Dawson Creek city council.

By Justin Pylatuk

My name is Justin Pylatuk. I’m 31 years old. I’ve lived in Dawson Creek for 29 years of my life. Right now I work at Mile 0 Pizza and Pasta Place as their delivery driver. I am also on the CLBC Community Council for the North.

This past October, I ran for Dawson Creek City Council. I decided to run for Council because I wanted to be part of making changes in my community. I wanted to have a voice in making Dawson Creek better and more accessible for everyone.

The big changes I wanted to make were more subsidized housing and to get more housing for low income people. Rent is so expensive in the North and most people can’t afford it. Not everyone has a job like in the oil field where you get paid lots of money. Some people have to have two and three jobs just to have a place to live. A one bedroom apartment in my town is at least $900 and that would take up someone’s PWD cheque. I also wanted more walking paths through the town like in Fort St. John. It looks really nice and makes it easier for people to get around.

I believe in voting and have always voted in federal and municipal elections. After I made the decision to run for City Council, the first thing I had to do was get 25 signatures of people who supported me and my goals. At the time I worked for a flagging company called SL Enterprizes.

My boss really believed in me and she helped me with my campaign.

The best part of running for Council was sitting at the front of the room during a community forum with all the other candidates and having equal time to talk about what was important to me and answering questions from the audience. I had to write a speech about the things I wanted to change. It was nerve racking, but worth it.

My advice to others thinking about running for city council is to try your hardest. Even if you don’t get elected you still have a chance to have a voice and have your community listen to what is important to you.

I got 336 votes.

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