CLBC setting strategic goals for next three years

This is the final year of CLBC’s current strategic plan, and work has now begun to identify its direction for the next three years. Feedback received from many individuals, families, service providers and other groups about future needs is being incorporated into the plan. This includes feedback gathered in consultation sessions and interviews across the province last summer, information gathered from our annual service satisfaction surveys, and extensive input gathered on many recent projects.

At the annual meeting between the CLBC Board of Directors and the Provincial Advisory Committee, we had an opportunity to hear from a number of self advocates and family members about what is important to them. “Our priority is to determine how to improve services as we face strong growth,” says CLBC CEO Seonag Macrae.

CLBC aims to have its new strategic plan in place by December 2016.

Employment plan marks success and looks ahead

This year marks the third anniversary of the launch of the Community Action Employment Plan (CAEP). As of March 2016, over 1,800 more people CLBC serves are reporting income.

To build on this success, on June 30, CLBC launched 2016-2019 Priorities for the Community Action Employment Plan, which outlines work that will take place over the next three years. The updated plan also sets a new three-year goal: to have 25 per cent of individuals served by CLBC reporting income, or about 5,000 people. The focus will be to create local employment action plans across B.C. to advance employment and meet the needs of specific communities.

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Scholarship supports learning and development

Successful applicants for the 2016 CLBC – BC Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) Scholarship have now been selected. This is the third year of the scholarship fund and we are pleased to announce that 44 applicants from across B.C. have been awarded funds to pursue their educational goals ranging from post-secondary training to music and art lessons to developing job skills.

Congratulations to all of the successful applicants and thank you to everyone who submitted an application. The 2017 CLBC-BCGEU Scholarship Fund will open early next year and information will be posted on the CLBC website.

Forum explores inclusive housing

CLBC hosted a one-day Housing Forum in March 2016. This meeting brought together many different people to explore and discuss inclusive housing as there is sometimes disagreement about what makes housing truly inclusive. Participants included self advocates, family members, Community Councils, service providers, BC Housing, and community groups such as BC Non Profit Housing Association, Inclusion BC and Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, along with CLBC staff.

Although CLBC does not have a role in building or providing housing, it supports individuals through residential services and is also often asked to support projects run by other organizations. Following the housing forum, a committee was created to continue to develop an inclusive housing framework, and to identify ways to promote inclusive housing. You can read a report about the forum and the proposed framework on the CLBC website under Initiatives > Inclusive Housing.

Project seeks to expand support options

CLBC began working with service providers this year to create a new support option for the people CLBC serves. The project is called Advancing New Support Options (ANSO). The goal of the new support option is to help people CLBC serves to get a job, be involved in community, develop skills and build support networks.

This new support option is being designed by five teams from around the province. Each design team includes a self advocate, family member, service provider and CLBC staff member. In March, the design teams from Powell River, Victoria, Kamloops, Langley and Delta met in the Lower Mainland. When the teams met, they took part in a “Design Dive” led by InWithForward, an international service design firm. This was the start of a three-month process to design their different support option ideas.

During the summer, the design teams will meet again in the Lower Mainland to put their ideas together into one support option design. Then they will begin testing the design in Fall 2016. Updates on the project will be shared on the News page of the CLBC website.

Social mediaCLBC refreshing social media channels

To more effectively meet the needs of the individuals and families CLBC supports and the many service providers and stakeholders that it works
with across the province, this summer we will be refreshing our online social media channels.

Stay tuned in August and September when we will be sharing more details on CLBC’s Start with Hi, Self Advocates and Families Facebook pages, as well as the @CLBC_Connect Twitter channel.

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