Feeling welcome at work

by Justin Forseth



Hello! My name is Justin and I live in Chilliwack, B.C. and work at Decades Coffee Club.

Decades is a place people come to hang out and drink good coffee. I have worked there for seven years. I work on Tuesday and Friday.

The jobs I do are clean tables off, pour coffee and talk to people. Decades is a fun place to work because of the people.

I like my work. I love all the staff at Decades. My managers are Ron and Amy. They are great because they support me and treat me well.

Customers recognize me and I know more people in my community because of my job. It feels good going to a job where people are friendly and appreciate me.

The best thing about my job is talking to people. Decades is a welcoming place in my community.

“Justin brings a smile and joy with him every time he’s on shift. The guests really like seeing Justin and interacting with him.

He also brings a great sense of community and helps show that everyone has skills, talents and abilities that they can bring to a job.”

– Ron Laser, Owner of Decades Coffee Club


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