From CEO Seonag Macrae: Highlighting where inclusion happens

SeonagMacraeWelcome to the third edition of “Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES,” developed and written by self advocates in British Columbia.

It has now been a year since we first launched this publication through the guidance and input of the CLBC Editorial Board. During that time the board has wished farewell to departing members and welcomed new ones, all of whom have played an important role in helping to identify and highlight stories of inclusion from communities across the province.

In this edition, self advocates talk about the places where they feel welcomed and included in their own communities. We also get the chance to hear from community organizations, centres, clubs and businesses about why inclusion is important to them and how they work to be welcoming to everyone, including individuals with diverse abilities. I invite you to read these stories beginning here.

Continuing to enhance inclusion in community is always a focus for CLBC. For example, CLBC has set a goal for the Community Action Employment Plan to have 25 per cent of the individuals CLBC serves reporting an income. You can read more about this and other CLBC news updates here.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful summer season and I hope that you have a chance to get out and take part in the many community events and activities that are taking place at this time of year.

We look forward to continuing to keep you updated with news and success stories through this “Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES” magazine, as well as our CLBC website and social media channels.

Thank you as always for reading!

Seonag Macrae
Community Living BC

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