Recognizing accessibility efforts

by Okanagan Accessibility

Okanagan Accessibility is a group that works to bring positive change in the Vernon community around accessibility.

Okanagan Accessibility is a group that works to bring positive change in the Vernon community around accessibility.

We are Okanagan Accessibility (OA), a group formed here in Vernon B.C. Our aim is to bring about positive change in the community regarding accessibility, particularly for individuals like us who have special needs, or as we like to say, ‘diverse abilities.’

To us, inclusion means being able to access places in our community just like everyone else, with accommodations made to remove any barriers that might be in the way.

We meet once a month and discuss areas in our community that we feel could improve their accessibility, or places that we feel have made great adaptations in order to be accessible and inclusive of everyone.

One organization here in Vernon that we at OA feel deserves special recognition for their efforts to be accessible is the Schubert Centre.

The Schubert Centre is a non-profit society and community centre. You can find anything happening there from Scrabble Club to Weight Watchers to Meals on Wheels delivering over 800 meals each month to seniors and others in our community who have a hard time getting out. Our self advocate group meets there, which they kindly allow us to do rent-free.

There are many reasons we find the Schubert Centre to be so accessible, particularly for individuals like us with diverse abilities. It is located downtown and can be easily accessed by transit, Handy Dart, wheelchair, scooter and on foot. The front entrance doors and washrooms are all wheelchair-friendly with lots of room to move around.

The Schubert Centre is more than just physically accessible as it also has staff and volunteers who are always extremely friendly and helpful every time we visit.

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