Responding to the needs of community

with Jack Gareb, Schubert Centre Manager

The Schubert Centre in Vernon offers accessible facilities for everyone in the community.

The Schubert Centre in Vernon offers accessible facilities for everyone in the community.

Okanagan Accessibility met with the centre’s Manager Jack Gareb recently, to ask him a few questions about the inclusiveness of the Schubert Centre.

What does the Schubert Centre do, and who do you serve?

We are a community centre that mainly serves senior members of the community. The Society has 1,300 members. However, last year over 5,000 individuals of all ages used the centre.

What are the ways the Schubert Centre tries to be a welcoming place for people with diverse abilities?

We’ve made provisions for those with accessibility challenges: washrooms are accessible, there are automatic door openers, and we recently installed hearing assist loop systems.

When we learned that the washroom doors were too heavy for our clients, we replaced them with lighter doors and installed electric door openers.

Why is it important to your centre to be inclusive to all?

It’s important to make the centre accessible to everyone, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to participate in all the events we offer here.

If we didn’t do this, they wouldn’t come, and it’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable when they’re using the centre.

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