Where everybody knows your name

by JP Maher



I have been going to Mission’s first Tim Horton’s on almost a weekly basis since its official opening and the staff there have gotten to know me by name.

The manager, Calvin Adams, also says hello to me on a regular basis and this makes me feel included and welcomed in his establishment. He and his employees always ask me how I am doing whenever I’m down there. The staff have gotten to know that I order extra large French Vanilla cappuccinos. So they get it ready for me whenever I go in there by myself or to meet friends.

Visiting Tim Horton’s is also a way for me to interact with other citizens of Mission, where I have been living since June 1, 1984. It’s very comforting to know that the Tim Horton’s in Mission is very welcoming towards people with disabilities like myself and that I have the right to sit down there and talk to my friends, as well the staff and other people who say “hi” to me.

My friends and I also like the fact that the manager, Calvin, listened to a letter we sent requesting installation of automatic door openers for people with disabilities, as well as for parents with small children and strollers. The letter was submitted by our local Self Advocacy Group in Mission when Tim Horton’s underwent renovations. This made me feel like I have strong voice in my community and was a very rewarding experience for me. Calvin shows a great amount of respect towards myself and fellow people with disabilities in Mission.

Sometimes, some of the workers at Tim Horton’s will joke around with me because they know me. It’s nice to know that I’m shown a lot of respect when I go there on a weekly basis. My safety is not in jeopardy when I go and interact with people down there because the staff respect and care for my safety and well being.

My friends and fellow self advocates laugh when I say that if you need to talk to me and get advice on how to solve a problem, just find me at my office: Tim Horton’s.
In closing, I would like to thank Calvin Adams and his staff for a job well done at the Mission Tim Horton’s!

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