From CEO Seonag Macrae: A message we cannot ignore

SeonagMacraeWelcome to the second edition of “Celebrate Diverse ABILITIES,” a CLBC publication developed and written by self advocates in British Columbia.

Take a moment to read their stories, and you will understand in a fresh way why inclusion matters. This in fact is the theme of this year’s United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3: Inclusion Matters. As you will read in the message from our editorial board, it was important to them for that reason to have this edition published to coincide with that day.

In this edition, self advocates write about having the opportunity to share love and life, to go to university, to have meaningful work, and more. They underscore the message in ways we cannot ignore. For those we serve, and their families, inclusion is more than a nice idea, it is an elemental ingredient for a full life.

It’s why CLBC is always seeking to improve, not only in day-to-day services, but through initiatives that enhance self advocates’ place in community. For example, this fall we launched a new project that will focus on establishing new kinds of community inclusion services that grow personal skills, natural networks and employment. It is in the early stages, but will eventually offer another option to individuals (see the CLBC News section here).

I want to also take this opportunity to thank readers for their part in helping us celebrate Community Living Month in October. Thanks to your hard work, events were held across the province, and many municipalities showed how much they value the contributions of citizens with diverse abilities. It just goes to show, we all have an important role to play in telling our friends and neighbours that, indeed, inclusion matters.

Thank you for reading and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Seonag Macrae
CEO, Community Living BC

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