Pursuing a passion for art

Amanda has been interested in art as far back as she can remember.

Amanda has been interested in art as far back as she can remember.

By Amanda Stewart

Hello my name is Amanda Stewart. I am 24 years old and have autism. However, this has not stopped me from finding and pursuing a passion of my own as an artist. My love of art has been with me as long as my parents remember and through school my teachers saw and told me that I had great potential and love for the things that I did and still do now.

Today, I am a student at Vancouver Island University. I am in my fifth year, taking one course per semester. I am greatly interested in being a graphic artist. I use both traditional and digital media to make my art. However I mainly use digital media for my more professional and shared work, keeping my traditional sketches for my friends and closer people to see. My sketches are usually in black and white as my digital pieces are fully shaded coloured work, which I sell as Christmas cards and posters.

Below are two examples of my work that I made – a computer desktop background and a poster. As you can see, I love the Japanese style manga and I have since elementary school. I still remember that the best artist in class was the one who could draw Pikachu the best. All in all, art and everything that it has done for me has made my life a lot more happy and less stressful. I even found my current boyfriend though art. Without art, I do not think that I would live a life as happy as it is now.



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