Trust is key for job support

Inclusive employment trainers deliver the message that people with diverse abilities can and want to work.

Inclusive employment trainers deliver the message that people with diverse abilities can and want to work.

Congratulations to Self Advocate Inclusive Employment Trainers, Shelley DeCoste, Elisa Paczos, Conrad Tyrkin and Julya Hutton, for their leadership at the Surrey / Delta regional Employment Roundtable on September 17. As members of the Self Advocate Mentoring and Training Network, these four presenters shared their insights and advice to an audience of Work BC and employment service providers. The workshop was organized by CLBC staff and community partners who recognized the need for an event to highlight the expertise and experience of those with diverse abilities.

The four trainers shared their personal stories and what they are looking for in support when working or looking for a job. They delivered a message that people with diverse abilities can, and want to, work and with the right support anyone can be successful. Each presenter emphasized the importance of having a trusting relationship where the job supporter takes the time to really get to know the job seeker and sees them as an equal, not a client. Trainer Elisa Paczo stressed, “There is no manual for working with people with disabilities. We all want to feel valued and respected just like any other human being.” One of the participants from the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation said, “I was incredibly impressed with yesterday’s event. We need to have something like this for all Work BC providers.”

Members of the Self Advocate Training and Mentoring Network, along with other presenters, are featured on the newly launched Speaker’s Bureau hosted on The Speakers Bureau continues to be developed by self advocacy leaders across B.C. who say, “there are many people with a story to share that will help others think and act differently toward people with diverse abilities. When we have a chance to share something important to us, we often challenge stereotypes and change attitudes.”

For more information about the Speaker’s Bureau and Self Advocate Training and Mentoring Network, or to organize self advocate led training in your community, contact CLBC Self Advocate Advisor, Jessica Humphrey at:

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