Why community recognition is important

Mayor Richard Atwell presents Saanich’s proclamation of Community Living Month to Jennifer Deakin, a member of the CLBC South Island Community Council.

Mayor Richard Atwell presents Saanich’s proclamation of Community Living Month to Jennifer Deakin, a member of the CLBC South Island Community Council.

By Jennifer Deakin

My name is Jennifer Deakin. I am a member of the CLBC South Island Community Council. This year, our Council partnered with 11 of Greater Victoria’s districts and municipalities to officially proclaim October as Community Living Month. I was proud to accept the Saanich proclamation from Mayor Atwell on October 27.

We are being heard. We are being acknowledged. We are being accepted. It’s time to take a moment to see where we’ve arrived and celebrate together. Everyone of us has a different strength and therefore every one of us has something different to offer.

Being on the CLBC Community Council as a self advocate has allowed me to voice my concerns and my ideas. I feel like I am part of many who are helping create change and inclusive communities.

I am a proud employee of the University of Victoria. I have been working there for almost six years in the library and now in food services. I live independently in an apartment in subsidized housing. It means the world to me to have the same opportunities as everyone else and the ability to make it happen.

I have so much to offer. If people get to know me they will soon learn I am not just a client, a number, a caseload. I am an employee, a friend, a family member, a community member who has the ability to be a learner and maybe more importantly a teacher. Inclusion does matter.

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