My ride to conquer cancer

by Jerry Laidlaw (originally published on


“I always wanted to be part of a long ride like this.”
– Jerry Laidlaw (second from left)

This is a story about my Ride to Conquer Cancer. On August 27, I arrived at 5:30 in the morning to meet my team in Cloverdale. The organizers had breakfast for us.

The opening ceremonies started at 7:00 a.m. We left after the speakers and started our ride to conquer cancer.

We all waited our turn as the different teams rode through the Peace Arch border crossing into the United States. We rode all the way to the Mount Vernon day-one finish line.

I was so excited that I went through the finish line too fast and when I tried to stop I tipped over and cut up my elbow! I must have hit my peddles and didn’t know it because when I got on my bike the next morning there was no peddle to step on! Luckily they had a mechanic that followed us to all the stops along our ride who could fix my bike.

For some of the trip I rode in our support and gear car until it was flat and a bit easier for me and my bike.

But I got to finish with my team who all together rode 240 km. I was proud of myself for riding 65 km the first day and 15 km the second day.

I always wanted to be part of a long ride like this and I never thought I would be part of a trip like this to raise money for cancer. I love riding, and this is a really good cause.

I joined with my team captain who had a son who was diagnosed with cancer at age 7 and lived until 17 because of research that rides like this help pay for.

We will keep riding year after year until cancer is a survivable disease.

I raised $150 and together our team raised $2,800.

Learn how the annual Ride to Conquer Cancer benefits research and treatment by visiting:

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