Individuals and Families – Your Role in the Plan

The overall goal of the Community Action Employment Plan is to increase the number of CLBC eligible individuals who are participating in employment, and for people who are already employed, but want to work more, with increased opportunities for employment.

This means everyone has a role to play.

As recipients of CLBC funded employment supports, individuals and families play a critical role in participating in, and informing, the work of the Plan. Over the next three years, individuals and families will be have the opportunity to be involved in work on these key priorities from the Plan:

  • Participate in, and provide feedback for, the development of Local Employment Action Plans
  • Providing input into the Advancing New Support Options Project, which is developing and implementing an “employment first” service option that delivers improved employment and inclusion outcomes and increases use of informal or generic supports
  • Attend and participate in familyWORKS presentations and meetings
  • Support, attend and raise awareness about local youth transition fairs
  • Ask your school and district to get involved in Local Employment Action Plans
  • Help develop a blueprint for social enterprise
  • Explore options to support families in advancing employment
  • Support the Speakers Bureau and Promoting our Abilities to enable self advocates to play leadership roles

Click here to download this information in a printable Fact Sheet.

Additional details about the objectives and background for each of the priorities for 2016-2019 can be found in the full version of the Community Action Employment Plan posted on CLBC’s website.

Web Resources

Best Practices for Supported Employment – user-friendly information for employers, job seekers, service providers and family members. Link:

familyWORKS – provide families with a forum for conversations about employment, mentoring through family to family support, and information and resources. Link: 

Employment Matters – a documentary by CBC, explores the untapped market and potential of employing people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace. Click here to watch the documentary.

Employment Matters Too – the second part of a CBC documentary series focusing on people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace. Click here to watch the documentary 

Launching Pad for Business – an innovative approach to helping entrepreneurs with disabilities plan and launch their business. Link:

Mapping Inclusive Employment for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities – on line geo-mapping project that enables people throughout the province to share their experiences with inclusive employment. Link:

MentorAbility – a public awareness and employment development initiative that connects people with developmental disabilities to employers for a day of mentoring. Link:

Ready, Willing and Able – a three-year project to increase the workforce participation of people with developmental disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Link:

Promoting our Abilities – self advocate developed presentations to educate employers, community leaders, including those from municipal, provincial and federal governments, about the advantages to hiring inclusively. Link:

BC Partners in Workforce Innovation – innovative recruitment pilot project to help BC employers meet current and future workforce needs, and connect people with diverse abilities to employment opportunities. Link:

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