Local Employment Plans

During the first three years of the Plan, investments and supports were focused in three pilot areas (Simon Fraser, Thompson Cariboo and Central and Upper Island). The focus for 2016-2019 will be to support expansion of local planning across the entire province.

Everyone is invited to participate in developing Local Employment Action Plans , which are expected to identify local projects and solutions to advance employment that meet the needs of specific communities. It is expected each community will likely take a unique approach, and that some of the work that is needed may already be underway.

Each CLBC office will provide support for collaboration and will work with individuals, families, service providers, school districts, employers, community groups and government partners on the development of local plans. CLBC will also implement, support or provide at a provincial level the following support to enable all areas across the province to collaboratively develop Local Employment Action Plans.

Provide tools & mentoring to support the collaborative development and implementation of local employment plans

  • Provide local CLBC staff with a Tool Kit that supports the development of collaborative local employment plans
  • Establish mentoring support for local teams

Allocate funding for employment services

  • Target funds to address capacity in areas not involved with the three pilot projects

Strengthen Communications & Linkages

  • Enhance communication about employment activities and initiatives with all stakeholders
  • Enhance communications among regions, projects and Core Planning Team

Collect & Distribute Data

  • Collect, analyze & distribute to local teams semi-annual employment & quarterly periodic report data

Gather & Share Learnings

  • Tools and processes established to gather & share learnings among regional teams, working groups and other stakeholders

 If you would like to participate in the creation of a local action employment plan, please contact your local CLBC office.

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