Nevada’s Story – Digital Toys in Surrey

Nevada nominated his employer Chris for a WOW!clbc Recognition Award.

Nevada Smith began his job experience at Digital Toys in 2010 and was such a positive addition to the team, that Digital Toy’s Owner, Chris Kamachi asked Nevada if he would like to be hired as an employee once his job experience was complete.

Nevada said yes and never looked back. In fact Chris recently won a WOW!clbc Award for being an employer that embraces inclusion and helps adults with developmental disabilities to have a greater sense of community and belonging in their workplace. Nevada nominated him.

When asked why he enjoys his job so much, Nevada replied by saying, “Chris treats me like any other employee and expects work done by me to be the best work I can do. Chris always wants me to do better, he is very creative in finding community partners to help me gain skills that I can use in my work. On Friday’s I volunteer at Free Geek in Vancouver to improve my skills around taking apart computers with care so that the parts I separate are not damaged and can be reused or resold”.

“I love working with computers”, said Nevada. “Chris is the only person that has offered me paid work to work with computers. I was so proud when I got my first paycheque. I had my picture taken holding it”.

Chris finds ways for Nevada to be successful. “When Nevada started his job experience, he mostly took apart computers in preparation for recycling or upgrades and shredded hard drives”, said Chris.

But Chris quickly discovered that Nevada’s work ethic and skill with computers would allow him to do much more than that. Chris helped Nevada to broaden his skill and Nevada is now rebuilding computers, setting up networks and more sophisticated tasks.

Chris will never stop challenging Nevada, “I also believe he might have a little latent skill that we might be able to transform into something like development, something where he can actually sell his skill,” said Chris. “It’s possible that he has those skills but I don’t think anybody’s spent the time to figure it out so I’m going to spend a little time with him and teach him programming.”

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