Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

PAC-mono-200Below you can find answers to frequently asked questions about the Provincial Assessment Centre (PAC). If you have a question that is not addressed below, please call 604-660-0228 or email, and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

How long is the stay at PAC?

The maximum stay at PAC is 90 days. Many individuals leave prior to 90 days.

How much prescribed medication is an individual discharged with?

At discharge the individual will be sent home with 2 days of medication. Please provide pharmacy information at time of admission.

Will the individual get to access the community during their admission?

The PAC multi-disciplinary team will assess the stability and safety of the individual. Most individuals will enjoy supported community outings and assessments.

Who will contact family or caregivers regarding the individual’s progress during their admission?

The community liaison office will provide weekly updates to family and caregivers.

Is visitation permitted during an admission?

Visitation is allowed based on each individual’s progress and stability. Visitation privileges are determined on a weekly basis during clinical team meetings.

Are phone calls permitted during an admission?

Phone calls are allowed based on each individual’s progress and stability. Phone call privileges are determined on a weekly basis during clinical team meetings.

What personal items should be brought to PAC?

All valuables brought into PAC are catalogued at admission. Many individuals bring in their mp3 player, ipod, ipad, computer etc. These are stored in the nursing station between uses. PAC staff support individuals to take responsibility for their own belongings to help prevent them from being lost, stolen or broken.

It is encouraged for individual’s bring in items of familiarity and comfort; e.g. blanket, stuffed animal etc.

Does an individual need their own money when at PAC?

Yes, it is important for the individual to have their own money at PAC so that personal items can be purchased during their admission.

It is important cash be brought in. PAC cannot cash cheques and does not process individual debit or credit cards.

Will there be a report?

Weekly progress reports are circulated by the community liaison office.

An interim report is available at the interim meeting.

A discharge report is provided at the discharge meeting.

Extensive reports from each discipline involved are mailed to the Facilitator/ Social Worker and Doctor/Psychiatrist ~two weeks after the individual ’s discharge. For these reports please contact the Doctor.

Do the individuals have their own rooms?

Yes, each individual has their own bedroom.

There is a male washroom and female washroom. Private bath and shower rooms are used on a daily basis.

What if the individual is at PAC during their birthday or other important holiday?

Birthdays and holidays are celebrated regularly.

Can you smoke at PAC?

No, PAC is a smoke-free facility.

What kinds of activities are available at PAC?

  • PAC activities are implemented in between assessment programming
  • Gym facilities are available on site
  • A secured outdoor courtyard allows for outside access
  • There is no swimming pool access at PAC
  • There is access to a small library on site
  • Art and Crafts materials are available at any time
  • School learning is available and implemented when appropriate

What happens in the assessment?

Please refer to the information provided on the PAC Assessments page here.

What tests are offered during the assessment time line?

Any test the PAC multi-disciplinary determines to be relevant.



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