Becoming a Home Sharing Provider

While sharing your home with an individual with a developmental disability can be an extremely rewarding experience, it is important to be aware that it is not entirely without its challenges. Most who provide this type of support agree that home sharing is more than a job. It is a lifestyle choice.

The approval and screening process is very comprehensive and involves all members of the household. It is important to be aware that, even if you are approved as a home sharing provider, there are no guarantees that you will receive a contract. Contracts are issued based on a number of variables including the individual’s specific preferences and requirements for support.

Basic Requirements

Home sharing is not generally viewed as an entry to the community living field. Contractors are expected to have previous experience supporting adults with a developmental disability. The following are some of the basic requirements for home sharing providers who contract with CLBC and its partner agencies:

• minimum of 19 years of age
• satisfactory home study
• satisfactory criminal record check
• satisfactory background check
• first aid / CPR certificate
• physician’s certification of good health
• valid driver’s licence

Contractors must be able to provide a safe and welcoming home that offers the individual with the opportunity for inclusion. Home sharing providers are also expected to understand and promote the vision, mission, and values of CLBC and its partner agencies.



If you would like more information about becoming a home sharing provider, please contact a community living agency that delivers home sharing services within your community.

If there are no agencies currently providing home sharing in your community, or if you require more information about home sharing, please contact CLBC’s provincial home sharing lead at

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