Home Sharing Agencies

Home sharing is delivered throughout the province by a network of home sharing providers that are under direct contract with CLBC and by those under contract with qualified community-based agencies. Agencies that offer home sharing as part of an array of residential options are responsible for:

  • implementation of standards for home sharing
  • monitoring individual and program outcomes
  • operations and administration of services
  • recruitment, retention, and support of the home sharing network
  • crisis response
  • complaint resolution

CLBC generally enters into new direct contracts with home sharing providers only if there are no qualified home sharing agencies in the community or if an individual / family specifically requests that CLBC oversee the service.

Qualified Suppliers

To offer shared living services, agencies must go through a formal qualification process. The list of qualified suppliers is regularly reviewed and revised.


In April 2007, CLBC adopted a set of standards for home sharing to ensure that individuals who choose this option receive consistent and high quality support. As an agency that offers this service, you are expected to monitor each individual home sharing arrangement to ensure that contractors are meeting established standards.

Standards for Home Sharing

Monitoring Tool for Home Sharing

Health and Safety Checklist for Home Sharing

Successful Practices in Home Sharing Provincial Working Group

The Successful Practices in Home Sharing Provincial Working Group was established in April 2007. During the 2007-08 and 2008-09 year, the group has focused on the following priorities:

  • support the introduction of home sharing standards for the province
  • develop a strategy to ensure that all those involved with home sharing are familiar with existing best practices, are clear about their roles and responsibilities, and are operating in accordance with established standards
  • clarify the values underpinning home sharing
  • provide guidance on risk management practices that are important to this residential option (e.g. contracting, liability, WCB, CRA, conflict of interest)
  • further develop successful practices in home sharing so that individuals and families have confidence in this residential option
  • raise awareness about home sharing as a residential option that supports individuals to lead good lives in welcoming communities
  • provide guidance on the standardization of rates of pay for home sharing services

This group includes representatives of CLBC and home sharing agencies. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions about successful practices in home sharing, please get in touch with Andrea Baker or any member of this committee.


Home sharing agencies have found the following resources to be useful:

Successful Practices for Home Sharing Services

Handbook for Home Sharing Providers

Determining Employee vs Contractor

CRA Bulletin

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