What services does CLBC fund for adults?

Services for adults funded through CLBC include:

Community Inclusion

Supports individuals to have rich lives within community. Services include:

  • employment
  • skill development
  • Community-Based
  • home-based


Supports individuals to live as fully and independently as possible in community. Options include:

  • Supported Living (outreach support and cluster living)
  • Shared Living (home sharing and live-in support)
  • staffed residential


Provides families with a break from the continuous demands of caregiving. Options include:

  • direct-funded respite
  • contracted respite

Support for Individuals and Families

Services designed to enhance the individual’s overall quality of life and to strengthen the family’s ability to manage. Supports include:

  • psychological
  • behavioural
  • home-maker
  • Support Coordination 

Provincial Assessment Centre (PAC)

A mental health facility for people aged 14 and over that are experiencing mental illness and/or severe behavioural challenges. Services include:

  • Multi-disciplinary assessments
  • Diagnosis
  • Medication reviews
  • Planning for re-entering the community
  • Support for families and caregivers

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