What work is CLBC doing to support its vision and mandate for inclusive communities?

Start with Hi Initiative

Start with Hi was launched in June 2009, and is targeted to the general public. The initiative encourages all British Columbians to help adults with developmental disabilities feel safer and more welcome by simply saying “Hi”. The initiative has a website – www.startwithhi.caFacebook site, posters and rack cards that feature six self-advocates from around the province. The websites encourage people to share their stories about inclusion.

Strengthening Employment

CLBC funds customized employment and supported employment programs to help people with developmental disabilities find typical paid employment. These programs work closely with employers to match jobs with employees. Each program provides job coaches to work on-site with new employees to build their job skills and work-related behaviours until they are able to work independently. Employers interested in these programs can contact the local CLBC office for more information.

Connecting with Aboriginal Communities

CLBC’s Aboriginal Initiative focuses on developing stronger relationships with Aboriginal leaders and community organizations that support Aboriginal people’s disability-related needs. An Interim Council with representatives from across BC is working to ensure Aboriginal communities have meaningful involvement in how CLBC services for Aboriginal communities are designed, delivered and evaluated.


CLBC’s innovation framework asks people across the province to submit product, program, marketing and organizational innovations that improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. The goal is sustainable, person-focused approaches to developing, funding and implementing needed supports and services.

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