2014/15 Performance Highlights

Last year CLBC staff worked hard to serve as many individuals and families in B.C. as possible with quality services. We also made progress on a range of forward-looking initiatives.

Serving individuals and families

Thanks to an additional $33 million made available to CLBC in 2014-15, and total revenues of $821.8 million CLBC was able to:

  • Provide new services and increased support to nearly 3,300 individuals.
  • Continue to address the ongoing service needs of a total of 17,697 individuals (an increase of 1,044 or 6.3 per cent in those served over the previous year)


CLBC marked the second anniversary of its Community Action Employment Plan. In the last two years since the plan was launched, the number of individuals we serve who report an income has grown from 2,200 to 3,600. While not a direct measure of jobs created by the plan, it’s an indicator of positive momentum. CLBC is putting in place a new reporting system to measure growth in jobs for those we serve.

Aboriginal initiative

CLBC announced last year that it is now providing services in First Nations communities wherever possible for eligible individuals. An updated Question and Answer document for families is now available to help them understand how to access available supports and services. Visit the Aboriginal Initiative section of CLBC’s web site to learn more.

Home share services

More than 3,500 individuals in B.C. are living in a home share arrangement. This year CLBC launched a five-year plan to, among other things, improve information for individuals and families, create more training options, and to strengthen guidelines to that ensure safety and accountability.

Aging forums

In 2012 CLBC released a Strategy on Aging to assist with addressing the support needs of individuals who are aging, their aging caregivers or family members. In spring of 2015, we followed up with nine provincial forums to gather information on existing successful practices throughout the province. You can find out about the results on CLBC’s web site in the Initiatives section on Growing Older in Community.

Complaints resolution

CLBC has a formal complaints process to help families. The process is simple, and CLBC is committed to responding within two business days to begin the process. Last year, CLBC had 107 complaints and successfully resolved 96 per cent of them.

Financial performance

For a full report on CLBC’s financial performance, click here to read the 2014-15 Annual Service Plan Report.

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