Improving Services: CLBC’s Strategic Plan

CLBC has an ongoing commitment to improve existing services for individuals and families. The CLBC Strategic Plan highlights goals and action plans to do this, including these forward-looking projects.

Making it easier for families to access services

Whether individuals and families come to CLBC when they turn 19, or later on in life, they have many questions. For the past two years, CLBC has been working on a project to better understand individuals’ and families’ planning needs. Our project aims to create a more consistent and effective planning approach that is simpler, person-led and focused on desired outcomes. It will include an enhanced orientation to CLBC with an option for family-to-family support, planning resources that explain more creative options for meeting needs, and the development of a personal profile tool that highlights individual priorities. CLBC aims to  implement this improved way of planning with families by the end of 2016.

A new service to support employment

In the past ten years CLBC has seen a shift in expectations among those we serve. Transitioning youth and their families are coming to CLBC with aspirations that go beyond what is offered in traditional centre-based day services. They want to find meaningful jobs and make contributions in their community. Two years ago CLBC launched the Community Action Employment Plan which is helping increase employment for those we serve. Now we are planning a project to create a new service that will offer individuals and their families options that balance supports around employment, meaningful community inclusion, skill development and strengthened community supports. Starting in September 2015, CLBC will ask service providers who are already serving people in new innovative ways to share their experience, expertise and knowledge with CLBC to help develop and then test a new kind of program. The goal is to make new services available to families across the province by 2017.

Enhancing individualized funding options

There is a keen interest in promoting the use of individualized funding as a way to give families more input into their services. So far, only 12 per cent of families CLBC serves have utilized this form of funding, which allows people to customize and develop services to fit their unique needs. CLBC is embarking on a new three-year project to improve awareness of the option and to develop supports and tools that make it easier for family groups to use this kind of funding. To learn more about one family’s experience, read the story about Asher’s Amazing Popcorn by clicking here. And stay tuned as CLBC shares more stories over the next year with families about how individualized funding can be used to serve their needs.


For more information on these, and many other forward-looking initiatives, read CLBC’s Strategic Plan by clicking here.

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