Message from Seonag Macrae

SeonagMacraeThis year CLBC marks 10 years since it was established by the government in response to a broad effort by dedicated individuals and families. As we reach this anniversary, we owe a debt of gratitude to those we serve, their families, our service providers, leaders in the sector and government colleagues, all of whom are contributing to the vision of good lives in welcoming communities.

Accountability to individuals and families remains a fundamental part of our DNA. For much of the first chapter of CLBC’s life, this has meant improving our capacity to provide equitable, responsive, high quality services. This is an ongoing commitment. One goal of this publication is to inform you of our progress and ask for your feedback on where we can do better.

Another goal is to make you aware of the many efforts underway by families, service providers and thought leaders to innovate and advance CLBC’s work to create more effective person-centred services. Working together we aim to even more effectively support the full participation of those we serve in their communities.

Employment is one key way. Another priority in our strategic plan, for example, is to reduce barriers to families for using more individualized funding. It has always been CLBC’s vision to give families what they need to create the supports that match their unique needs.

Also, you may not be aware of innovative projects families, service providers and CLBC are testing that leverage the untapped potential of community connections to reduce social isolation of individuals. In this update you can find information about these projects and stories about how individuals and families are making use of them. I hope this provides you with valuable information, and sparks a new sense of possibility.


Seonag Macrae
CEO, Community Living BC

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