CLBC supports healthy aging and wellness with new website and publications

Are you worrying about what the future may bring as you or your family member is aging? CLBC has developed new aging resources to help bring positive changes to the health and care of aging adults. 

“I wish I knew what questions to ask my doctor.”

“I want to make sure my daughter will be well taken care of when I pass away.”

“I know I should have a plan for aging, but I don’t know where to start.”

These are common concerns for many people who are aging or have a loved one approaching aging. B.C. has a growing number of individuals with developmental disabilities living well into their senior years but for many people, knowing what to do to help people age well can seem like a daunting task.

Over the past few years, CLBC has organized province-wide consultations to help identify supportive practices, developed resources to support early planning and has now launched new tools aimed to support individuals with life transitions as they age, and their doctors in caring for them.

These healthy aging resources will help empower self-advocates, families, support workers and health care workers to better plan for aging and help bring about positive changes to the planning and health of adults with developmental disabilities as they age.

These resources were launched during Community Living Month with events taking place throughout the province. Events included guest and keynote speakers on common aging topics such as dementia and early planning for aging. People were there to tell their story from CLBC’s new aging resource ‘Looking forward to the future.’

The Website –

Aware Share Care explains what the healthy aging process means for self-advocates, what kind of changes to expect as you age, tips on how to communicate with your doctor and work together to plan for healthy aging. There is information on how to take notice of changes in your health including an early detection screening tool for dementia. The website has a section for health care professionals on how to best work with patients with diverse abilities and how to maintain an ongoing healthy aging program. Please tell your doctor about this website during your next doctors visit.

Postcards with tips and checklists

The new resources include two handy postcards, one to help individuals and families prepare for medical appointments, and one to make doctors aware of the new web site resources for them. Bring them with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

The light blue postcard is for doctors. We hope that individuals, family members and care providers will bring them to their medical appointments and share them with their doctor. This postcard highlights the website, which intends to empower health care providers with the information to provide the best possible care for adults with developmental disabilities.

The dark blue postcard is for individuals and their family members or care providers and includes a checklist for preparing for a doctor’s appointment.

Looking forward to the future – A collection of stories

Looking forward to the future is a book filled with stories that illustrate the triumphs and struggles that come with planning for aging family members.

Whether it is supporting an aging parent or an aging adult with a developmental disability, these stories include examples of how real people come together and plan for the future.

Planning Guide

This guide was developed to help people plan for the future. The guide provides thoughtful planning tips and links to resources that help honour the person’s needs and preferences. The guide helps you think and talk about planning, aging, disability and inclusion and what those all mean to the person you support.

Email Address –

We have created an email address for people to send their questions, comments and stories:

To view all these tools or for more information on our aging strategy, please visit the CLBC website at:

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