Alzheimer’s Society Resources

The Alzheimer’s Society of BC is a province-wide non-profit organization dedicated to helping people concerned with or facing dementia have the confidence and skills to maintain quality of life. They are committed to ensuring public perceptions reflect the real issues, and to securing funding for support and research.

Click the links below to access the Society’s resources:

  • Alzheimer’s Society of BC

    A comprehensive website devoted to providing information, resources, and support for individuals, family members/caregivers and the public on Alzheimer’s disease with specific emphasis on services within British Columbia.

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  • Alzheimer’s Disease – First Steps

     This brochure provides a brief summary of the steps that will be helpful in coping with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Caring for someone with Dementia

    Provides information for caregivers on a variety of topics including: self care, self advocacy, communication, symptoms, driving and daily care from the perspective of the caregiver.

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  • Healthy Brain

    This page is part of a comprehensive website from the Alzheimer Society of BC.  The site emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy brain and offers suggestions in the categories of mind, body and spirit.  The Alzheimer Society provides a dementia helpline, education workshops, and resources as part of their role.

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  • Head’s up – Keep your Brain Fit – worksheet

    These worksheets have been created by the Alzheimer Society of BC to complement the information on maintaining a healthy brain. The worksheets are separated into mind, body and spirit categories and provide concrete, holistic suggestions for activities, nutritional choices, and spiritual goals and pursuits to enhance health.

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  • Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s  Disease

    This is a publication from the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada providing information on the link between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease. Warning signs, assessment strategies, treatment and support strategies, as well as values based approaches to maintaining quality of life are discussed and described.

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  • Dementia Resource Online Toolkit

    This website provides a link to the extensive resources of the Alzheimer Society of Canada.  The site is designed for a range of readers and users including individuals, family members/caregivers, and health care practitioners.  Resources and information place an emphasis on dignity, person centred care and strategies for successful support.

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  • Alzheimer’s Progression

    This five-part series on the stages of Alzheimer’s disease is written for the person with the disease, their family and caregivers. Each document provides a detailed summary of a stage of the disease.  These sheets provide a general overview of the disease, its stages, the approach to care, and helpful information regarding the progression of the disease to end of life.


    Early Stage

    Middle Stage

    Late Stage

    End of Life

  • Minds in Motion

    This provides information on Minds in Motion®: a fitness and social program for people experiencing early memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia.  The program is accessed with a friend, family member or care partner. Locations where the program is currently provided are noted on the flyer.

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  • What to Expect

    A brochure produced by the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada as a complementary document to the “progression” series.

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  • All About Me

    This booklet is designed to support the development of a comprehensive portrait of an individual’s needs, preferences, and supports to aide in providing consistency care across a spectrum of care providers.  It is written in the first person to reflect and promote the dignity of the individual.

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  • Preparing for your doctor’s visit

    A 2-page checklist and worksheet to guide the preparation for a doctor’s visit.  The questions are designed to assist in the assessment process for dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease.

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  • Medic Alert Safely Home

    This page on the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada provides information about the MedicAlert ID program and its use for people with dementia.  Details on the program, costs, and registration are provided.

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