Strategy on Aging

The CLBC Strategy on Aging is a proactive response to the challenges and opportunities associated with supporting adults with developmental disabilities who are growing older in our communities

The richer quality of life offered by community living is resulting in longer lives for many people. Like the general population, these people are likely to become more vulnerable and develop more complex care needs as they get older.

Some people with developmental disabilities may also experience the onset of age-related challenges earlier than the general population. People’s needs, strengths and concerns changes as they get older. Additionally, many middle-aged individuals are living with family members or caregivers who may not be able to continue to care for them as they themselves age.

Through the strategy on aging, CLBC in collaboration with partners in community is working to create awareness and understanding of what people need to age with safety and dignity in community.

Report from the Roundtable on Aging

In September 2020 and January 2021, CLBC engaged a range of stakeholders in a roundtable consultation to consider the implications of the changing demographics of people CLBC serves who are aging and to identify emergent issues.

The purposes of the roundtable consultation were:

  • to present the forecasting information,
  • solicit feedback on the data,
  • apply the information to the analysis of issues impacting older adults with intellectual disabilities,
  • explore collaborative opportunities to support people who are aging, both within and with allies outside the community living sector, and,
  • receive recommendations for next steps.

The themes that emerged from the roundtable discussions fell into three broad areas:

  • proactive, person-centred planning
  • system level planning and capacity building
  • strengthening community alliances and partnerships.

The report from this engagement here will be used to guide CLBC’s future work to support individuals and family caregivers who are aging.

Read the Report from the Roundtable on Aging here.

CLBC also developed this resource for CLBC staff: Planning with Aging Adults: A Tool for CLBC Staff. This tool supports the service provider community’s, families’, and individuals’ understanding of the intent and application of the resource and welcome their active participation in utilizing the tool.