Service Providers

CLBC contracts with over 3,200 not for profit, private agencies, and individual caregivers to provide family support, residential and community inclusion services, life skills and employment support. Professionals and independent contractors also deliver supports and service such as behaviour support. CLBC works collaboratively with its network of service providers and regularly consults with key groups and organizations such as the CEO Network.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Living BC service provider, please contact your local office.

Community Living BC offers many opportunities for qualified service providers. Current opportunities and Requests for Proposals are listed here.

Standards for Unaccredited Service Providers

If you have signed a contract with CLBC under the new Terms and Conditions, Schedule B requires you to meet CLBC’s Standards for Unaccredited Service Providers. To assist you in having the information you need to comply with these requirements, CLBC has set up online training and an information page. To visit this page please click here.


The requirements outlined in Schedule D of CLBC’s Terms and Conditions are now in effect. To assist service providers to have the information they need to comply with these requirements, CLBC encourages you to review the presentation below that covers occurrence-based, periodic, and service level reporting as well as requirements related to on-site visits. (Please Note: Information in the presentation on Service Level Reporting is in the process of being updated. For the most current information, please click here.)

Reporting Requirements Presentation (1MB pdf)

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