Terms & Conditions documents

CLBC has developed new contract documents that will replace the existing Client Service Agreement (CSA) and Component Services Schedule (CSS).

The new contract documents are comprised of three key elements that together make up the complete agreement between CLBC and service providers:

Contract: defining the services being acquired and their payment;

 Terms and Conditions: defining the relationship between CLBC and the service provider and each party’s contractual obligations; and

 Schedules to Terms and Conditions: a component of the Terms and Conditions primarily governing quality and reporting requirements.


The Terms and Conditions and the Schedules to the Terms and Conditions have been standardized and will not vary from contract to contract.

The new documents are the foundation for enabling CLBC’s monitoring framework and include:

 The concept of service levels, representing the amount of service to be purchased; and

 Self-reporting by the service provider for service levels as well as reporting designed to assist CLBC to best utilize the purchased services and to gauge the quality of the services.


CLBC has developed these new documents to:

 Make them easier to understand;

 Streamline contract processing by eliminating some administrative steps; and

 Incorporate the elements required to effectively administer contracts.


These new contract documents will be implemented in a phased approach beginning in fall 2010 and will apply for new contracts or when existing contracts are modified or renewed.

Terms and Conditions – Service (1MB pdf)
(Version Record)

Terms and Conditions – Home Sharing (750KB pdf)
(Version Record)

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